May 23rd, 2021 • Minute Read

5 Ways that Automated Intimacy Creates Experiences for Pre-Customers and Buyers …

A/I philosophy isn’t about being the creepy guy in the corner listening to your private conversation, and then using that information to strong-arm or manipulate you into an ill-advised decision.

It’s about creating experiences that coach a transformation in a way that is in completely in service to honoring where someone is in their own journey, and helps them to receive what is needed in order to take that next step forward.

Here is what A/I can be experienced as by your pre-customers (leads) AND customers when done right:

Experiences that ENGAGE me. I feel interacted with a way that feels personal, authentic, and attentive.

Experiences that HEAR me. I feel listened to, that my needs are understood, and that I can count on my partner to be there with the followthrough when it counts.

Experiences that EMPOWER me with access to opportunities and resources that I may not have even realized exist for me to move forward in the direction that feels right for me
Experiences that demonstrate that the business or coach I partner with KNOWS and get me. My individual preferences and needs are being reflected back in a way where I don’t just feel like a pawn in a numbers game.

Experiences that DELIGHT me. I experience moments of surprise delivered in unexpected ways that demonstrate a commitment to care.

How do you create these experiences for the people you serve today, and do you see any new possibility for yourself in this?

About The Author

Philip R. Powis

Philip R. Powis (the wizard), is an entrepreneur, business coach, mentor, and co-founder of Empire Engineering.