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65+ Amazing Copywriters, Marketers and Business Owners Have Enthusiastically Joined CTC Circle. Here are Some of Their Reasons:

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Final q’s you may be considering before activating your monthly CTC Circle membership

Absolutely. We’ve gotten “stuck” in a fair-share of memberships that we absolutely hated.


That’s why there are NO annual plans with CTC Circle.


Pay monthly -- and as long as you cancel within 3 business days of your next bill-date, we’ll cancel your billing and thank you for giving CTC a shot.

Yes. We do have a roadmap of courses we’ll be working on throughout 2022.


That said, there’s an abundance of existing training inside CTC CIrcle (including several that were just released over the last few months).


Beyond that, the biggest intention in offering CTC Circle is to provide readily available guidance and support on how to make the very most out of the vast array of trainings already on offer.

In Tier 2, we leave no tech & system question unanswered every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.


To ensure your question is answered as quickly as possible, simply make sure it's submitted by noon eastern on the day prior (Monday and Wednesday).


You may submit up to 2 private questions per week.

You can submit questions in one of two ways: written or via your own Loom video (ideal if showing something technical in action). Nothing is off limits, however, we can only review questions that will take 10 minutes or less to watch the video or read (this isn’t the format for full stack reviews, automation breakdowns, or multiple back-and-forths before diagnosing a more complex problem).


This works best if you break down your questions into digestible chunks, i.e. “what’s the next step needed to keep moving forward”.


Since you’ll have a private thread, we’ll continue to document each request so you’ll be able to reference these videos as your own personal library as you move your projects forward.


And if you decide that what you really need is a focused strategy session, your membership entitles you to priority (and  discounted) 1:1 sessions.

So glad you asked!


The original intended price of CTC Circle was $197. But noting that the vast majority of our members are in fact past students who’ve seen the massive value (and want to get deeper coaching and ongoing upgrades), we slashed it down to $97.


In short, your “past student” discount is already applied.

Once you cancel your membership, you will lose access to the library.


Of course, anything you purchased as a standalone prior to joining CTC Circle will be yours to keep forever.


Finally, If you join CTC Circle and choose to cancel, we’ll let you keep 6 and 7-figure emails as a thank you for giving things a fair shot.

If you have other questions, send an email to [email protected]

Can you remind me of what’s included?


Choose Whichever Tier You Stand to Profit From Most

Tier 1

Total Real-World Value