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Game changing


For ethical and energetically-aware coaches, consultants and course creators whose businesses depend on sales calls to fund their dream lifestyle:

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You’ve already gone through the “I don’t want to be salesy” stage. Now it’s time to level-the-eff-up and earn record-breaking enrollments while leading powerful sales convos like the ethical badass you are’

We get it

Everyone and their Mutant Ape NFT wants to skip the “salesy” stuff, while still bringing in life-changing revenue in their coaching or consulting biz.

Problem is. Once you’ve taken that ethical “I don’t want to be a sleazy asshole” stance…

What the heck is next?

For most, it means “winging it” on sales calls… “going with the flow” and somehow trusting that if it’s “aligned”, clients will magically say yes and pump your “let’s start a homestead in Costa Rica” fund with a major cash windfall.

I’m all for dreams.

But I’m even MORE for the practical strategies, techniques and frameworks that
bring’em to life.

And the truth is, after the…

All roads lead to the enrollment call.

And unless you’re ready to confidently lead someone through that 55 minute transformational thrillride…


All those big-ass goals you have for yourself, are just that.




It’s 9:58am.

You have a sales call at 10:00am.

How do you feel?

Nervous?   Excited?

Hit with stomach knots and a sudden  shortness of breath while your bladder urges you to go for one last tinkle?


Here’s the deal:

If you’re reading this, you’re likely the “empathic type”. Someone who literally can’t make someone else feel uncomfortable without feeling the gut clench yourself.


That’s why all those sales tricks and shady-ass scripts never quite worked for you.


No. Not even the ones dressed up in spiritually-clothed bullshit that tell you…

“if you believe in your product, and you’re not doing everything you can to close your client, you’re NOT acting within integrity”


big time WTF on that one.

And beyond being energetically misaligned (yes, that’s a thing)...

You’ve yet to come across a sales system that actually

1 Feels awesome in your mind/body

1 Feels awesome in your mind/body

2 Is effective AF at enrolling amazing clients

Which is costly.

To your confidence. To your ethics. And to your ability to make good on the big-ass revenue goals you dared set with your coach on your last Zoom call.
And while you can never go back to believin’ it’s okay to fear-monger, gaslight or manipulate your way to a “yes”.
You’re not quite sure how many more subpar months, kitchen floor breakdowns,  and passive-aggressive convos with your once-supportive partner you’re willing to endure either. 
Meaning, if you’re not lit up by the next sales call on your iCal
(or worse, you’re sabotaging them before they even begin)… 

It’s time to shake things up.

You don’t need to burn incense, chant mantras or rock out to the “beast mode” playlist on Spotify before your next sales call.
You just need to be prepared…

Hey, all good if you want to chug a matcha latte and bop your head to Semi Charmed Life while saging-the-hell out of your office.


No one’s judging.


But regardless of your pre-game ritual, what matters most is that…


You feel prepared and confident for your call.



You know exactly how to lead your sales calls while leaving space for magickal resonance


You have the skills, techniques and frameworks to coach your prospect towards a decision


You feel confident in your abilities to get the “YES”, while being non-attached to the results.

Much like a UFC champ, preparation is where the magic happens.

and finally

It’s where you get to strut to the Octagon (or jump on the Zoom call) with nothing but sheer-freakin-excitement for the opportunity to put your well-sharpened skills on display.


In full service of you, your mission, and the other courageous soul reaching out for help.


Preparation is what gives you permission to surrender into deeper flow with your prospect. Trusting in the skills you’ve developed, while leaving room for pure life-changing magic.

And finally…

Preparation is the pre-cursor to stepping out of the Zoom “vortex” an hour later with a fresh 2,5 or 10k payment in your Stripe account and the epic opportunity to help a human you care about.
But before we initiate you into a fun, ethical and highly-effective new paradigm of sales, first we gotta undo some of the mental bullshittery still floating around.

“He’s the copywriting genius behind five separate multi-million dollar sales pages”

“Ry Schwartz has been my not-so-secret weapon for six years. He’s the copywriting genius behind five separate multi-million dollar sales pages for my digital course launches. Copy creates connection and connection creates conversions. I learned that from Ry.” 

Amy Porterfield

Creator of Digital Course Academy

Amy Porterfield

“You would be crazy not to grab anything he puts out on the subject”

“I’ve worked with Ryan on numerous successful launches and his ability to write copy that gets someone to buy is second to none. You would be crazy not to grab anything he puts out on the subject.”

Chris Evans

 Co-Founder, Traffic & Funnels

3 Epic Mindset Shifts

That Will Forever Change How You Show Up on Sales Calls



You’re not a “salesperson”.
You’re a conversion coach. Yea. Really.


This isn’t just cute semantics.

And chances are that as a transformational coach or consultant, trying to play the role of “salesperson” for a good chunk of your professional life is both stressful and stifling of who you actually are.

But the truth is, you don’t need to become great at “sales”.

What most pass off as sales is nothing but “forced compliance” through a combination of fear-mongering, manipulation and sales-driven gaslighting.

But on the other hand, if your goal is to move your prospect towards an empowered and informed decision…

Your job isn’t to convince or coerce.

It’s to coach the transformation between who your prospect is at the beginning of the call, and who they must become at the end of those 55 mins to give an empowered “yes”.

It’s this transformation, and all the epiphanies, breakthroughs and realizations within it that lead to win-win convos that feel freakin’ awesome and create life-changing decisions.

Once you learn how to “coach the conversion”, your calls become nothing more than a process of transformational coaching — not forcing compliance with every dirty trick in the high-pressure playbook.


You’re allowed to have boundaries too. In fact, you must.


Since you’re going to be showing up powerfully as a coach on these calls, you have every right to honor your time and make requests.


And one of the most powerful (and profitable) requests you can make is…


Asking for a decision.


When you make both the “yes” and ‘no” feel equally safe, holding your prospects to a standard of 100% decisiveness (and empowering that decision) is NOT a high-pressured overstep…


But in service to them moving off the fence, and in whichever direction serves their goals in the most beneficial way.


They may need more time. They may need to review options.They may need to chat with a partner or spouse.


But ultimately, closing the “decision loop” with every prospect you’ve shared this container with is something that’s simply a matter of respect and forward momentum for you both.


Oh, and it typically results in a 15-25% uptick in conversions.


It’s not a performance. Presence and skill is everything.


One of the greatest mistakes coaches and consultants make on sales calls is treating it like a “performance” rather than being present to the human in front of them. 


Yea, your epic rants and wisdom bombs may make for great social media clips.


But when you’re responsible for coaching a prospect towards an empowered “yes”, the rules are a bit different.


Rather, there are a stack of advanced coaching skills and techniques that you’ll lean on to show-up in full service of that transformation. In dropping the self-indulgent  “performance’, you’ll use pro-level tools like…

As a result, you’ll be equipped with the skills needed to confidently coach your prospect into a “version of them” capable and empowered of saying yes.

Engineering The Enrollment is the first high-integrity sales system of its kind that:

1 Focuses on coaching your prospects into empowered buyers instead of forcing compliance through an unforgivably toxic cocktail of fear-mongering, gaslighting and emotional manipulation.

2 Equips you and your team with pro-level coaching skills that help you create life-changing breakthroughs, epiphanies and realizations that make the enrollment a natural and easy next step.

3 Integrates ethical follow-up systems to ensure every prospect makes an empowered decision -- which in turn boosts your close rates by up to 30%

4 Creates safe and powerful containers where prospects feel ready to open fully (versus all the stiff-arming, deflecting, and surface-level answers you may have run into in the past)

5 Masterfully addresses concerns and objections without shitty pressure tactics, and instead turns them into gateways to deeper insight and empowering decisions.

If you’re ready to be initiated into a new paradigm of high-integrity sales conversations that yield life-changing results,

then it’s my pleasure to invite you into...



The Enrollment

A paradigm-shifting 4-in-1 sales suite showing you everything you need to know to ethically “coach” prospects into empowered clients without any of the shady shit you literally can’t push yourself into using anymore

Engineering The EnrollmentTM
combines 3 expertly-crafted sales programs


The end result:

total clarity on how to powerfully lead every critical element of your enrollment funnel and sales call.


Here’s how it all breaks down:


CTC Enrollment

(to master your sales calls)


Engineering The EnrollmentTM features our signature selling process designed specifically for intelligent, empathic and heart-led coaches, consultants and course creators who are tired of losing sales to their borderline sociopathic peers.


It’s for leaders who don’t want to be penalized just because they refuse to put a single mother into crippling debt just to enroll in their “fit booty” challenge.


And it’s for coaches and transformational badasses who want to stay within their zone of genius to enroll clients — not forcing themselves to morph into the Wolf of Wall Street fifteen seconds before zoom’ing up their prospect.

If you’re ready to whisky-clink to record breaking
close rates -- without compromising your soul-level values, ethics, and way-of-being…

here’s how we’ll get you there:


Module 1

Coaching The ConversionTM

(Enrollment Call Edition)

In Module 1 you’ll get initiated into the Coaching the ConversionTM process; ditching the old paradigm of high-pressured sales techniques that makes you cringe and self-contract before the call even starts.

You’ll learn why this new approach isn’t a weak, limp-wristed alternative, but a high-powered conversion engine that naturally attunes to how prospects want to be enrolled in 2023 and beyond.


  • Why sales calls have an inherent imbalance of power, and how to create a personal “code of ethics” to help your prospects feel safe, open and ready to explore new possibilities
  • 3 extremely common (but highly toxic) sales techniques that destroy trust, kill resonance and eliminate any chance at an empowered close
  • The single most important strategy to incorporate in your marketing and application process that removes about 90%+ of pre-call anxiety and awkwardness.
  • 5 Pre-Call Mindsets for showing up with courage, confidence and a readiness to lead your prospect through a positive transformation
  • Why “sales scripts” are stifling (and costing you sales), and how to adopt flexible frameworks that adapt to how clients actually experience life-changing breakthroughs.
  • The inner anatomy of an empowered buyer, and how to “coach” a prospect through those core inner shifts and milestones.
  • The 9 most common fears and beliefs that “energetically aware” coaches feel before getting on a sales call, and a powerful fear-clearing technique to help liberate you from them for good.


The 3 Meta-States of an Empowered Sale

Let’s start with a set of simple but overlooked truths… 

Meaning, it almost doesn’t matter what the “content” of your sales calls include. If they don’t have the inner CONTEXT to take it in — experience change — and act courageously… an empowered sale simply won’t happen.


That’s why above all else, we begin by establishing and reinforcing these 3 meta-states that are inherent to every empowered customer.


  • Why most prospects will come to the call with a protective shell, and how to gently invite them to begin removing their armoring, and opening to change.
  • The 7 primary “fear types” that prospects will likely experience BEFORE talking to you. And how to slowly unwind them so they can be more receptive to your offer.
  • A bank of proven phrases, that when shared with true sincerity, help move your prospect to greater levels of safety, power and possibility.
  • 3 techniques for amplifying your prospect’s sense of power in your presence. (this creates massive resonance and inner-ability to make bold decisions later).
  • The single most important technique to use throughout your call that heightens trust and preempts the majority of objections.


Unpacking the Situational Gestalt

Remember when sales scripts told you that “first you need to talk about pain… then you need to talk about what they want… then you need to blah blah”.


Here’s a secret:


It barely works in sophisticated markets, because desire and longing are inseparable. 


It’s not how the emotional body operates. When you have a rigid, linear script that attempts to split things up, you’re using a “rational” approach to untangle a dynamic, inter-woven emotional experience.


So rather than being unnatural and mechanistic; you’re going to amp up your emotional intelligence by focusing on the entire “gestalt” simultaneously.


  • The 7 elements of a “situational gestalt” that need to be transformed into a more empowered state to get a “yes”.
  • How to effortlessly attune to the elements of your prospect’s emotional experience that require deeper work.
  • Why digging for pain and potential “consequences” can actually destroy the sale before you even get to the offer.
  • How to encourage feelings of resonance, relevance and resourcefulness through deep questioning, compassionate challenging and invitation-based reframing.
  • 5 advanced coaching techniques to help facilitate prospect breakthroughs, insights and epiphanies that lead to an empowered sale.
  • Why “renewed confidence” and “renewed possibility” are prerequisites to the sale, and how to coach these states in your prospect.
  • How to know exactly when your prospect is ready to be transitioned into the offer presentation.


Actualizing Potential

The first half of your enrollment call is all about awakening your prospect to a greater sense of possibility… and the renewed confidence that they can achieve it.


In the second-half, it’s all about leading them to actualize all that new potential.


Meaning, powerfully sharing your offer in a way that takes their whole backstory into account, coaching them through any concerns that come up along the way, and then empowering them to move in whichever direction serves them the most.


In Module 4, you’ll learn how to masterfully coach your prospects through fear and resistance, while amplifying courage and resourcefulness during this critical final stage. 


  • The art of presenting an integrated offer that takes their “story” into account and weaves it into the components of your program.
  • How to future pace the ownership experience that has your prospect mentally and emotionally invested in the opportunity.
  • The 3 core forms of “resistance” that most prospects will experience during the offer presentation, and how to masterfully coach them through them.
  • Why “overcoming objections” creates even greater resistance, and how to coach prospects through legitimate concerns that build trust where it’s needed most.
  • How to use the Tyler Durden follow-up process to boost “decisions” by up to 50% (resulting in an additional 15-30% more sales conversions)
  • The one thing you should be doing throughout the call to effortlessly pre-empt the majority of concerns and objections.
  • The exact verbatim you should be using while presenting investment options that bring trust, excitement, and courage to what’s typically the most “tense’ moment of the call.

Plus 3 Epic Bonuses to Book More Enrollment Conversations & Powerfully Coach Them Before the Call Begins


Bonus #1

Application Funnel


Value: $997

Fact: The enrollment experience begins the moment your prospect books a call.


If you mail it in for those 12-72 hours between when they book the call — and show up to it, you’re missing a golden opportunity to begin coaching the necessary transformations.


In this bonus workshop, you’ll learn how we build our entire application-experience to pre-empt objections, create magnetism, and stack the odds in favor of having a successful enrollment conversation


  • The 3 milestones your application funnel has to “coach” to best prepare your prospect for the sales call.
  • How we structure the questions on our application form to build trust and resonance
  • Why your “booking confirmation page” isn’t a throwaway… but one of the most important junctures of your process… and how to use it to ensure higher (and more informed) show-ups.
  • How to coach momentum in the days and hours before your sales call that brings your prospect to a critical point of no return where your enrolling in your program makes more sense than backtracking.

Bonus #2

CTC Content (Dec 22)


Value: $997


So many coaches, consultants and course creators struggle with content creation.


The reason?


It’s awkward, unnatural and highly unnecessary.


The best content isn’t stuff that you pulled out of the “ether”, or “downloaded” by evoking the patron saint of profitable content in your morning meditation.


It comes from doing what you do best — coaching.


In this bonus workshop, I’ll walk you through my favorite sources of “content topics” and how
I turn these into high-converting offer posts or sales emails that lead to more booked calls.


  • How to be prolific at profitable content creation by tapping into natural skills as a coach (versus pretending you’re a writer).
  • Voice of Prospect Data vs. Voice of Customer Data (and which one is more valuable for a course or coaching business)
  • The 5 top sources for advanced voice-of-prospect intel that you can (and should) mirror back in your sales emails, sales pages and offer posts.
  • The art of “coach-mining” to extract the most potent content hooks
  • How to expertly audit your sales calls to pinpoint the “best moments” to turn into powerful top, middle or bottom-funnel content.
Bonus 3

Bonus #3

Six Figure Emails &
Seven FIgure Emails


Value: $794

Welcome to the “Johnnie Walker Blue” of sales email template packs. This is the premium blend for more advanced marketing palates.


All pulled straight from my highest-performing launches and enrollment funnels for industry titans like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Dan Martell and Copyhackers.


What you’re getting are 13 advanced email templates that you can use in a pinch when you need to write a standalone sales email, a webinar invitation, an offer post, or an email driving to your booking cal.


To be clear, these aren’t those sketchy and lifeless “swipe and deploy” templates you may have seen swimming around the shadier parts of the online marketing cesspool.


These are loose, flexible templates that guide you through deep-dive masterclasses teaching you the advanced psychology behind each one.


Meaning, you actually understand WHY they work, and are fully empowered to engineer them to best serve your audience.


  • The epic “launch day” email that kicked off Todd Herman’s legendary 90 Day Year launch campaign. (The Anti-Launch Launch template)
  • What you can learn from Disney to create stronger product affinity and ramp up desire (learnt inside the Anthropomorphic Activator template)
  • The Market’s Search for Meaning template inspired by Victor Frankl’s classic.
  • The 3-Part webinar-replay sequence that we served up as part of Amy Porterfield’s epic Digital Course Academy launch. (The Traffic Light & No Ghost Shall PAS)
  • Deep dive psychology masterclasses that outline the “inner workings” of each template so that you know how each one is “coaching the conversion”.

The 5x your ROI

At this point, you literally can’t know if Engineering The Enrollment is “right” for you?


I mean, without a fully-activated third eye, how could you?


That’s why the burden of results is on us.


The joy of testing, optimizing and profiting from your newly-revamped sales skills is on you.


Use the methods inside Engineering The Enrollment (and the bonuses) to book more sales calls, and enjoy your best-feeling (and highest-converting) calls yet.


If you aren’t 1,000% certain that the process has resulted in a significant upgrade in your confidence and sales conversions, simply email me directly at [email protected], and we’ll hit “undo” on this whole experiment.

No awkward shit.
No jumping through hoops.
Just love.


Here’s what you’re getting inside


The Enrollment


CTC Entrollment
Value: $3000


Bonus #1
Application Funnel Amplifiers
Value: $997


Bonus #2
CTC Content (Dec 22)
Value: $997


Bonus #3
Six Figure Emails / Seven FIgure Emails
Value: $794

Total, non-BS value: $5,788

Everyday Bundle Price


Join CTC Circle





(save $194)


Engineering The EnrollmentTM will be a gateway to your highest and most ethical “close rates” yet if…


You’re a coach, consultant, course creator, or transformational leader of any kind:

You’re excited to use your existing skills as a coach (while refining them) to help transform your prospects into the person empowered to say YES.
Knowing that you’re actually going to be leading positive transformations on your sales call (rather than morphing into Wolf of Wall Street 2.0) feels light in your heart… and makes you more excited to ramp up your marketing knowing you’ll never have to compromise your values or ethics again.


You still feel less-than-stellar about your sales calls:

Sure, every now and then, you take a call that simply feels amazing and everything flows.


But most calls are met with some degree of challenge and self-contraction.


Prospects who distance themselves, stiff-arming your questions and refusing to open up. Or prospects who have no problem getting “vulnerable”, but then spin into anxiety and overwhelm once it comes time to make a decision.


Meaning, unless you have the powerful coaching skills needed to ethically move prospects through their layers of resistance, you’ll be leaving well over 50% of potential clients on the table.


You average at least 5 sales calls per month (and a program to sell over 2k):

Meaning, if you boost your close rate by just 10%, you’ll be in line to at least 20x your investment over the course of a year.


And with the 14 day guarantee, you’ll have a solid data set to make a final decision from a place of actually knowing whether or not Engineering The Enrollment was the best training investment you’ve made all year.


You’re at a stage of your personal evolution where you literally can’t tolerate the weird shit:

Meaning, it doesn’t matter if it “works”. You’ll literally self-contract into a twisted ball of anxiety at the mere thought of pressuring your clients, using false urgency, or bludgeoning them with exaggerated consequences of what might happen if they don’t work with you.


You’re not a sociopath. You’re actually a pretty cool human.


And you don’t want to be penalized for that…


But rewarded with record-breaking conversions that leave you (and your new client) feeling empowered, courageous, and ready to get life-changing results.


You’re open to learning a fresh new paradigm (that may contradict some old learnings)

Most of what you’ll be learning and practicing inside Engineering The Enrollment will be new to you.


Meaning, you need to be comfortable with a slight learning curve as you adopt a high-integrity stance that demands powerful coaching skills and a newfound courage to implement them.


And while it may take 2-3 calls to really get into the swing of things…


The payoff will be a new skill that will serve you and your clients for as long as you remain active in your coaching or consulting business.

Here’s what you’re getting inside


The Enrollment


CTC Entrollment
Value: $3000


Bonus #1
Application Funnel Amplifiers
Value: $997


Bonus #2
ETE Content (Dec 22)
Value: $997


Bonus #3
Six Figure Emails / Seven FIgure Emails
Value: $794

Total, non-BS value: $5,788

Everyday Bundle Price


Join CTC CIrcle





(save $194)


Q’s that other coaches and consultants asked
right before enrolling in Engineering The EnrollmentTM

Possibly. And maybe someday you will.


And at that point, hopefully you no longer see it as “dirty work”. 


But for now, if you’re still working your way towards your first six figures in revenue, you’re still solely responsible for bringing cash into your business.


You can’t defer the “success or failure” of your business on someone you just met over facebook. And worse, that 10-25% commission check will quickly eat up at whatever margins you still have left after all your other expenses.


But most importantly, this is about honoring your relationship with your clients. The sales call is the beginning of that relationship. 


And if you’re not willing to go deep at this stage, you’re missing a far greater opportunity to establish resonance and connection with those you’re here to serve. 



And at the same time, this isn’t an opportunity to be loose, passive and rudderless on your sales calls.


Leadership is still vital.


Having a sophisticated set of coaching skills that help your prospect transform in your presence is vital.

And because we’re doing away with the fear-mongering, emotional manipulation and false urgency… your coaching and leadership abilities become the CORE of what drives your success.


That’s why your willingness to learn these new skills -- and practice them on your calls, becomes a non-negotiable part of succeeding in this program.

This isn’t a traffic course. It’s a course that will help you master your enrollment 



That said, if you already have an audience (on your email list or facebook group), our 

premium email template packs (Six Figure Emails & Seven Figure Emails) can be used 

to write insanely-effective offer posts and sales emails that get more people onto your 

booking calendar. 


That said, if you don’t have any audience or website traffic at all, this likely isn’t the right 

starting point for you.

Sure. Either you’re well on your way to 2-5x’ing your investment within 14 days, or we hit “undo” on the whole thing.


And the truth is, if using these techniques can be directly attributed to just 1 or 2 sales conversions, you’ll have earned your ROI and have a lifetime of opportunity to continue refining the coaching skills you’ve learnt.


This isn’t a “sounds cool in theory” course. It’s the hard skills with direct and immediate applications that will help you get more “empowered yes’s” the moment you start using them.

Here’s what you’re getting inside


The Enrollment


CTC Entrollment
Value: $3000


Bonus #1
Application Funnel Amplifiers
Value: $997


Bonus #2
CTC Content (Dec 22)
Value: $997


Bonus #3
Six Figure Emails / Seven FIgure Emails
Value: $794

Total, non-BS value: $5,788

Everyday Bundle Price







(save $194)