July 23rd, 2021 • 11 Minute Read

Postpace Review 2021 – What Would Wizard Do?

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What is Postpace?

Postpace is a platform for writers that can automate many of the processes associated with writing or researching content ideas. This means you will you spend less time on these tasks so you can focus on other important aspects of your business. I’m quite happy I was able to score this as a lifetime deal after it came back for a 24-hour flash sale in mid July.

In this way, not only is this an excellent writing tool, it’s truly a personal productivity platform that can contribute to significant gains in operational efficiency for content creators, SEO experts, and content marketers. Postpace also has the potential to be a valuable part of the toolkit for content agencies looking to short circuit the process and spend less time in content development by leveraging its powerful features. 

Business owners can also start to leverage the promising features this tool offers to its users in order to improve their writing for the web and get better results across a variety of industries when it comes to attracting new audiences. 

Using Postpace as part of your content creation stack, just follow these three steps to be writing engaging content in no time:

  1. Create topic reports for your keywords

  2. Use content briefs derived from those keywords

  3. Share the content briefs with other team members

While PostPace helps you find keywords and relevant research material that will help you get started, it’s not actually a writing tool, which is an important distinction be aware of when comparing to other tools like Rytr, Jarvis, Frase, Writesonic, or any number of other tools currently available on the market.

If you’re a content writer, you likely understand the importance of investing time into an article’s pre-planning. This is where Postpace comes in to play.

Revising and editing your content is just as important as writing it. It’s important to make sure you have the right keywords, sources, and research before you even sit down to write.

By using PostPace’s content brief capabilities, you can quickly jumpstart your content creation process and speed up the time it takes to create new blog posts or articles. Content analysis has never been this easy, allowing you to search for key terms and see the best content to optimize based on your needs. With PostPace you can get detailed comparisons of your content as compared to other businesses.

That information is useful because it informs you where you need to focus your topics the most if you are looking to rank quickly. The data provided helps fill in the gaps that need to be covered.

Let’s take a look at the included features …

Postpace Feature Review

Topic Report Generator

Here is an example of what your dashboard looks like within PostPace:

The dashboard gives you everything you need to find the information and generate the reports. 

Each of the topic reports that you create will be categorized using the following columns:

  1. Keywords 

  2. Search regions 

  3. Languages

  4. Status 

  5. Dates

This is where Postpace really shines. At present, I’m not using any of the content optimization features, I’m simply using this tool to research and generate my content outline, which I will then pull into Frase, my current writing tool of choice. Occassionally, I’ll also leverage Rytr to help in the writing process as well.

Here’s an example of how you might go about creating your own content brief outline:

Let’s say you want to write an article about Convertbox, and why it’s one of the best conversion tools on the market at present. You would simply type “Convertbox” into the topic report generator

If it’s important for you to localize your results for somewhere other than the United States, you could also choose a different region in the dropdown that is displayed. You can also choose your target language. 

The report takes a few minutes to create once this is done. However, because it analyzes the top 15 search results on Google, it’s worth the wait. Go get a coffee or something with the time you are saving 🙂 

By the time you find your way back to your desk, Postpace will have already generated some powerful results and you’ll be ready to visualize them across key content metrics

When your detailed report is ready for review, you will see something that looks like this: