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Sam Woods: Conversion Copywriter & Growth Expert

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Each month we highlight a member of the Empire Engineering Community who is doing incredible work in the world, taking an ethical stance in marketing, and supporting high-integrity businesses in bringing forth their message in a powerful way. This month’s feature is Sam Woods.

Sam Woods is a a direct response, conversion copywriter, specializing in optimizing growth funnels that predictably generate more leads and sales. He is the founder of Stimulead, a growth ecosystem agency. He has a strong focus on creating growth ecosystems to generate more customers and revenue, and he draws on a strong body of experience and knowledge steeped in psychology, behavioral science, deep persuasion, and analytics.

Sam Woods helps business leaders get to Product/Market Fit, a critical aspect of long-term success in the marketplace. He has had great success in helping businesses who are experiencing early signs of traction to double down on those results in a way that creates exponential impact. He works alongside founders and CEO’s looking to capitalize on momentum early in a product lifecycle.

Sam is also a guest post contributor at Copyhackers. Check out his recent article on 5 strategies that will change the way you write copy. He’s also a guest teacher in Copy School. He was also a member of Joanna Wiebe’s now legendary mastermind, which Ry talks more about here.

He’s been listed as a contributor to some of the best copywriting courses, free & paid, as well as featured on numerous podcasts across the internet. (keep reading for some of our favorites).

At present, he is writing frequently about all things copywriting, customer ecosystems, creativity, and artificial intelligence.

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For more on Sam Woods, you can find him at https://samueljwoods.com/

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Twitter: @heysamwoods

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